I love the idea of Erik and Christine snuggling. It’s completely loaded with fluff, but I think both of them deserve a respite from all the high melodrama. 

For the record, this is completely G-rated cuddling.

…….Okay, maybe PG because there was definitely some smooching involved. But that is it, kids, no Phantom hanky-panky here. 

Also, I wanted to try drawing Erik wearing his false nose. Many false noses of the day were attached to glasses or had straps that wrapped around the face in order to attach them to the nasal cavity, which I don’t think would fly with Erik. I imagine he would have sculpted his own false nose and used some sort of putty to blend it with his skin tone and attach it to his face. What, exactly, I’m not sure, but he’s a genius, so I’m sure he came up with something that looked natural enough. That being said, I still wanted the “seam” to be visible because this is 1881, after all, and  although Erik’s a genius, he doesn’t exactly have access to modern facial prosthetics. 

Originally, I drew him with his mask on, but I thought it would be incredibly uncomfortable for both of them if he attempted to fall asleep wearing it (can you imagine it digging into Christine’s chest? OUCH), so I came up with a little back story that involves him removing the mask but still opting to wear the false nose because he doesn’t want to completely gross Christine out. She, for the record, couldn’t care less, but he sees it as the gentlemanly thing to do. A gentleman, after all, doesn’t wipe his gaping nasal cavity all over his lady’s bosom.

……….This went from romantic and fluffy to exceptionally disgusting.

Phantom of the Opera belongs to Gaston Leroux.

I don’t have words but my vacation just became way sweeter! OuO

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why is little baby state (RI) trending on twitter

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i KNOW i’m just beating a long-dead horse by doing this but for god’s sake disney

fyi only superficial things were changed in the edit (hair, eyelash length, freckles, skin tone) the actual model wasn’t changed at all

to be clear: she photoshopped anna’s hair onto hiro’s mom face. a lot of people in reblogs seem to think that the one on the right is literally anna and trying to find miniscule, non-existant differences… which sort of proves the point? that a picture of a different character can be mistaken for anna so easily with just a hairstyle change and that people will still defend the design choice to the death rather than admit the similarities… sheeesh.

How about this. You go to Pixar studio, and you tell them to change it. or get a job there and do it yourself, OH WAIT

YOU CAN’T! Cause you’re just someone bitching on the internet, and businesses don’t care about people bitching on the internet.

such a sad shame, isn’t it? Reality really.

Also, no, she STILL doesn’t look like Anna, even with Anna’s hair, she doesn’t look like anna, she just looks like that other chick with Anna’s hair.

the fact that you have no creative eye to tell a difference in characters, even by minuscule teeny details, is ridiculous.

they’re still two different charterers

and by sitting there and comparing them all day, of course they’re going to look similar to you.

Quit bitching will you PLEASE.

Stop looking for every little thing to complain about, because Disney? Disney don’t give a fuck, and no matter how hard you try, they will NEVER give a fuck.


Okay I’m gonna pull this card because you’re just rude enough for it. I was an animation intern at Pixar in 2011 and just last year I was offered a job there that I only turned down because right now I prefer a permanent position as opposed to a 3-6 month contract. So no, you don’t get to use the “get a job and do it yourself” bullcrap on me.

Of course the edit doesn’t look exactly like Anna. But honestly, trying to tell me that the edit looks NOTHING like her is absurd. The proportions and facial features are very, very similar. If I were to overlay Anna’s face with Hiro’s mom there would be small differences, like maybe one nose is straighter than the other.  When discussing character design similarities like this are terrible. There are infinite possibilities and Disney keeps using the same general face recently.

And I don’t complain just because it’s Disney. If another studio did this I would be on their ass about it too. I love animation and I love seeing studios push beyond what’s been done before. On top of that, I don’t complain because I hate the company, I complain because I know they can do SO MUCH BETTER.

Sit the fuck down, son. You just got told by a real quality professional and all of the other professionals are just shaking their heads at you.


rohan with his stand, rohan




Scenery with lots of Pokemon in it by request. Well, here it is, guys - the post you’ve been waiting for! Please click the ‘Artist’ link to full view the picture - trust me, it’s worth it. Thank you so much to the artist mr—jack for drawing this, it’s one of the best Pokemon pictures I’ve ever seen.

Click here to see a gif of the process by which he drew this picture.

Someone asked me for a wallpaper including Water Pokemon, so I thought I’d repost this. It’s my desktop background right now.


just press play


Death metal vocal exercises

I will never get over this.

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